The Solution to Poor Online Customer Reviews

During my training classes, I always ask students to check online ratings to see how borrowers feel about their lender’s customer experience. I also review a lender’s Glassdoor ratings to gain insight on employees’ experience with a company. I was curious whether borrower ratings were similar to employee ratings or not. Did consumer ratings correlate […]

Has One-Stop Shopping Arrived in Mortgage Banking?

In a recent investor presentation by, the digital-first homeownership company deemed the mortgage industry “broken” as “consumers deal with repetitive data requests, high fees and lack of certainty.” If customer satisfaction surveys regarding the home loan process are any indication,’s assessment is accurate.’s technology-driven platform offers a glimpse of mortgage lending’s future. […]

The Critical Importance of Soft Skills in Mortgage Banking

  With the mortgage industry’s emphasis on technology as the solution for all productivity issues, it seems that hard skills are mandatory when recruiting and developing personnel. Invariably, companies require employees to have computer and analytical skills no matter what their position. Soft skills such as communication and emotional intelligence are perceived by many managers […]

Are You Hiring Radical Change Agents?

Jamie Dimon, Chairman and CEO of JPMorgan Chase Bank and respected banking industry guru recently said in an interview that bankers lack imagination when it comes to envisioning what their customers need. He noted that Fintech companies in particular, “are making great strides in building both digital and physical banking products and services. From loans […]

Are Your Originators Just Following the Herd?

In mortgage banking, it is commonplace for originators to adopt the practices of successful producers. If one salesperson rises at 4:00 a.m., everyone else feels they must follow suit. If a top producer is active on LinkedIn, other originators will incorporate the platform into their own marketing strategies. Likewise, lenders are copycats too.  If a […]