Surviving and Thriving Amid Rising Interest Rates

  Faced with the grim reality of rising interest rates and lower production, mortgage firms are cutting sales staff in an effort to stay profitable. Unfortunately, this strategy reinforces mortgage banking’s reputation as a boom or bust business that has difficulty adjusting to a changing interest rate environment. This isn’t a new issue. External events […]

What Defines Good Sales Training?

Fact: Every day, senior managers must contend with mortgage originators who are not generating enough volume. In many cases, sales training can improve performance and move the needle on sales results – IF the training has the right components. In the past two decades, I’ve successfully trained countless originators and in my opinion, these are […]

Connecting with Real Estate Agents in a Digital World

In my recent survey of the top challenges facing mortgage managers in 2022, getting LOs to prospect for Realtor referral sources was a primary concern. Building mutually beneficial relationships with referral sources is mandatory if LOs want to reach year-end volume goals. But, establishing referral relationships and convincing a Realtor to partner with you takes […]