Be Obsessed or Be Average!

After working with sales organizations for the past 20+ years, I am always amazed how accurate the Pareto principle (80/20) is when analyzing loan officer production. In every sales group, there is always a smaller number of originators (the vital few) who are successful regardless of market conditions, volatile pricing and the highly regulated lending […]

The Rise of the Zombie Mortgage Banker

A recent National Mortgage News article, “Ripple Effects,” observed that a new era in mortgage banking has emerged and that conventional wisdom no longer applies. While everyone can cite today’s challenges such as rising interest rates and low housing inventory, it seems management teams are still relying on old strategies that are no longer effective […]

The Mortgage Industry’s Madness Strategy 

    In my consulting practice, many mortgage executives who I speak with are very concerned about the rising cost to originate a loan in today’s marketplace. According to the MBA, the cost to originate has mushroomed to $8,500 per loan. Making a profit is difficult when originators are being paid large sign-up bonuses and […]

The Invisible Killer of Mortgage Sales Groups

During a recent conversation, a manager discussed how his company was handling an underperforming originator. The lender’s solution was to take away the individual’s draw and benefits but compensate the salesperson for any loans brought in. The manager felt that this approach was a great way to reduce the lender’s costs and address the problem […]

The Branch Originator Sucker Bet  

In my opinion, placing an originator in a bank or credit union branch office is a sucker bet. For those unfamiliar with the gambling term, it is a wager in which the expected return is lower than the wager. An example of a sucker bet is the offer of insurance in blackjack. Why is the […]

The Four Pillars of Mortgage Sales Success

Last week, a National Mortgage News article discussed the results of Fannie Mae’s Q1 2018 Mortgage Lender Sentiment Survey which measures lender’s profit-margin outlook. According to NMN, mortgage lenders had the highest level of pessimism recorded since 2014. This is not surprising given the current challenges our industry faces: the decline of the refinance market, […]