The Death of AIDA and the Rise of Personal Branding

Recently, I discussed how today’s selling environment requires originators to form a tribe of followers because they are providing important information to improve their customer’s lives. Selling has moved from pushing products to being a valued educator and leader. Smart originators recognize that hawking mortgage products doesn’t create trust; what does is sharing personal passions, […]

New Selling Model: Deliver Value Daily

Not a day passes when I don’t hear from a manager about how difficult mortgage origination has become. Whether it is battling to recruit top producers or pricing wars regarding interest rates and closing fees, there is no question that competition is fierce. As one sales executive said to me recently, “it is hand-to-hand combat […]

Fixing Mortgage Bizarro World!

  Last week I spoke at a conference where the agenda was dominated by technology presentations. This is fairly typical of many industry events. My topic regarding sales personnel and the future sales organization was the next to last session. After my presentation, one attendee lamented, “I don’t know why there is such emphasis on […]

Are Your LOs Demanding Sales Leads?

Recently, a mortgage executive told me that an originator had asked to use his personal marketing budget to buy leads from third-party vendors. Fortunately, the executive refused the originator’s request. Unfortunately, these requests are becoming more frequent and are indicative of the poor quality of originators at many mortgage lenders today. Before the internet, I […]

Two Sales Metrics that Really Matter in Origination

This year, a projected 20% reduction in volume is forcing many sales organizations to address difficult issues in order to improve sales results.  Traditionally, mortgage firms have attempted to increase production by hiring more originators. Others are counting on technology to make the difference in reducing costs and generating more business. In my opinion, the […]