Happy Ears Syndrome and How to Cure It!

  Anyone in mortgage banking can attest that origination is not for the faint of heart. Like many other industries, our business is cyclical which means LOs must endure the inevitable ups and downs which can be an emotional rollercoaster. So, when a prospect seems receptive to a sales pitch, it is understandable that LOs […]

Prospecting is THE Most Important Job for LOs!

There’s a common truth in selling that a salesperson’s job is to deliver the right message to the right people at the right time. Over the years, countless sales trainers – myself included – have tackled this topic in sales training sessions, blogs and podcasts. While it seems like such a simple directive, actually implementing […]

Why Borrowers Don’t Give LOs Repeat Business

Mortgage sales professionals know that capturing repeat and referral business from previous customers is essential for long-term success. When selling to former borrowers, the cost of acquisition is much lower than marketing to attract new customers. So, what does it take to keep customers coming back and referring their family and friends? Simply put, lenders […]

Start the New Year Off the Right Way!

As we start the new year, senior executives are focused on planning for significant volume changes, based on mortgage banking forecasts. Many managers feel that it’s nearly impossible to plan because our industry’s success is tied closely to external factors like interest rate fluctuations which are beyond their control. While this is true to a […]

Are You Overtalking with Prospective Clients?

  All sales professionals know that their main objective is to persuade potential buyers to select them over their competitors. In mortgage banking, this is a monumental challenge considering the vast number of originators chasing after a finite group of prospects. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that there are 322,000 loan officers in the […]