Why Video Sales Presentation Skills Matter

  One positive impact of the pandemic is that originators have been forced to connect with customers via video conferencing. Before Covid-19 restrictions, some originators incorporated video into their sales process but many producers had not. With the rise of remote working, video conferencing has become a primary tool for personal interaction. Even sales leaders […]

Mortgage Originators: Don’t Be a Copycat!

  In mortgage banking, it is commonplace for originators to adopt the practices of successful producers. If one salesperson rises at 4:00 a.m., everyone else feels they must follow suit. If a top producer is active on LinkedIn, other originators will incorporate the platform in their own marketing strategies. Likewise, lenders are copycats too.  If […]

7 Lessons from the Year 2020

  Traditional selling as we know it has been dead for a long time but the global pandemic was the nail in the coffin for the order-taker sales model. This strategy is rooted in the days when salespeople went door to door fulfilling customer demand for products. In that era, products were limited and information […]

How Customer-Centric is Your Sales Organization?

Many mortgage managers consider their companies to be originator-centric. These senior executives believe that sales employees drive success and they feel that their lender’s originator support is a competitive advantage. I certainly understand this viewpoint, especially in such a difficult recruiting environment. However, I would argue that focusing entirely on the originator experience can lead […]

Quicken and its 25% Market Share Goal

  Last week, Quicken shared its third quarter 2020 results with analysts, reporting record volume. While this is not surprising considering our recent historically low interest rates, Quicken’s numbers are truly extraordinary. The company is closing $1 billion in mortgage loans a day! This is impressive by any standard but there were a few revelations […]