What Car Salespeople Can Teach Originators

Last week, shock waves rippled through mortgage banking after 50 basis points were unexpectedly added to refinance loan fees. This action took a lot of lenders by surprise and sent many originators into panic mode. This is yet another example that the business world is filled with events that can seemingly come out of nowhere. […]

How to Conduct Training According to Quicken

  Last week, I discussed highlights from Quicken’s IPO  and how the company has achieved record growth by having a defined sales process; and training and developing employees. While these are certainly not new concepts, they are rarely practiced at mortgage banking firms. While a number of lenders claim to provide employees with a structured […]

Two Essential Keys to Quicken’s Success

Last Tuesday, the Quicken IPO was finally filed after countless rumors that it would happen. Based on my recent conversations with sales leaders, there is no question that Quicken’s S-1 was read closely by mortgage executives across the board. Much of the material from ISMs was well known in the industry, but some statements were […]

It is Never the Right Time . . .

There is never a perfect time to make changes to your sales process. In the current marketplace, where volume is overwhelming and many lenders are turning away business, it may seem counterintuitive to discuss what it will take to succeed in a 2021 purchase money environment. Nothing could be further from the truth. According to […]

Sales Success Starts with “Know Thyself!”

Selling is an emotional business that requires sales professionals to have a high level of emotional intelligence if they want to succeed. Emotional intelligence refers to originators’ ability to recognize, understand, and manage their emotions as well as those of their prospects and customers. This is not news. While sales candidates might be attracted to […]

Why Working Smarter is the Best Bet

The most common selling mantras are based on the concept of “doing more.” Managers have forever emphasized that if originators simply work harder, knock on more doors or make more calls, sales success is guaranteed. While this sounds reasonable, it is not correct. It takes something else to succeed in origination. In selling, the “doing […]

Do You Really Want to Be a Successful Originator?

Every crisis provides an opportunity for mortgage managers to put everything on the table and re-examine their LOs’ selling models as they determine the best path forward. One manager recently said to me, the pandemic has changed everything and “inmates are no longer running the asylum in mortgage banking.” Of course, this may not be […]