Are Your LOs Prepared to Sell in the AI Age?

With the recent release of ChatGPT and similar applications, artificial intelligence (AI) has hit the mainstream and there’s no turning back. As more consumers rely on AI to help them navigate the home-buying journey, lenders and LOs would be wise to get familiar with what AI can and can’t do and adjust their selling models […]

3 Sales Training Pitfalls to Avoid

The best mortgage managers recognize that updating their sales team’s selling skills is mandatory if their LOs want to remain top of mind and relevant in the marketplace. However, all sales training is not created equal. If your last training initiative didn’t deliver results, one of these common pitfalls was likely the reason: • One-Off […]

How to Deliver a Referral-Worthy Customer Experience

Providing a better customer experience is at the heart of long-term success in mortgage banking. While this seems like a no-brainer for lenders and LOs, how to actually deliver on this promise is not always easy or clear. Why it matters: • Creating an excellent borrower experience throughout the home loan process is essential to […]

The Sure-Fire Strategy to Generate More Loan Volume

Limited housing inventory, affordability concerns and fallout from inflation continue to complicate the mortgage banking landscape. For lenders struggling to fill their pipelines with new loan apps, the answer may lie in expanding their product lines, according to Joe Camerieri, EVP of sales and strategy at Mortgage Cadence. Why it matters: • “If lenders can’t […]

3 Strategies to Grow Your Referral Network

According to a Loan Officer Hub originator survey, 92% of participants said that the most reliable way to expand your referral network is to “provide value.” And indeed, at the heart of every referral relationship is a strong desire to help your target audience succeed – whether that’s advising a repeat customer on refinancing a […]

Can You Afford the Cost of Average Sales Results?

What percentage of your LOs are consistently hitting – or exceeding – their sales goals? If you’ve settled for the status quo, it may cost your lender long-term stability and success. Why it matters: • Lackluster sales results are a clear indication that your sales team’s selling skills are at or below average. The problem? […]

Prioritize Video Content for Social Selling Success

It has long been documented that videos outperform static images and posts when it comes to reaching your target audience. But, now more than ever, if you want to connect with borrowers and referral sources, video content should be a priority in your social selling mix.  Why it matters: • Increased video demand. The majority […]

Unlock Long-Term Success with this Unbeatable Strategy

Originators who want to achieve long-term success should take a page from top producers’ playbooks and strive to serve their customers as professional financial advisors. Why it matters:  • Earn multiple income streams. Top producers view borrowers as an opportunity for multiple income streams, not as a single transaction. For them, closing on a loan […]