Following are just a few of our most recent success stories. These case studies highlight specific interventions and subsequent results and do not represent the full range of work provided to clients.

Improving Individual Sales Production

Client: Top 10 national financial services firm
Challenge: Managers were responsible for coaching producers to the next level but lacked a systematic approach for getting results.
Solution: We designed a customized coaching training program tailored to fit their individual business strategy. We implemented the program so that management could provide consistent coaching for producers throughout the company.
Results: Program results generated more than $1 million in one year to the firm's bottom line.

Creating New Business and Capturing Referrals

Client: Top 50 national financial services firm
Challenge: The company wanted to improve its cross-selling capabilities.

We designed and implemented a structured hiring and development process that enabled the company to:

  • Hire the right sales professionals who could development deep relationships with clients;
  • Structure an effective value proposition for customers; and
  • Coach and train sales employees on successful closing of leads.
Results: According to a national peer group analysis, the firm's productivity per sales person was 33 percent higher than its peers. In the same survey, the firm's turnover rate was 41 percent lower than its peers. The company also generated a top-10 ranking in J.D. Power's Customer Satisfaction Study. View PDF of a recent company profile.

Reducing Sales Staff Turnover

Client: Top 10 national financial services firm
Challenge: The client had high turnover and unsatisfactory sales performance results.
Solution: We helped design a new sales organization structure for one of the firm's divisions. As part of this process, we interviewed sales staff members, management and customers; and identified internal/external challenges and opportunities. Then, we implemented new sales hiring, training and retention programs to achieve long-term growth goals.
Results: Program results were outstanding and generated $5 million to the bottom line within 12 months.

Client: Top 20 national financial services company
Challenge: The client wanted to improve the quality of its new sales hires.
Solution: We evaluated and implemented a new hire selection program to correct turnover problems. The core implementation strategy included roll-out of sales assessment testing to screen candidates for the relationship selling skills needed to be successful in production. Management education on how to improve interview and selection practices were also included in the project's scope.
Results: Program results reduced turnover by one third generating $8 million in cost saving by not hiring the wrong person.

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