Sales Improvement Audit

A sales improvement audit is an invaluable tool that can help senior managers identify the root cause of sales performance problems. During a sales audit, we provide an objective review of the sales organization and its processes to determine where the gaps are between budgeted goals and actual sales results. Once the analysis is complete, managers will know what corrective action needs to take place to change results.

Sales audits generally take between one to three days to perform depending on the size of the sales staff and what components are being reviewed.

Our sales audits are multi-faceted and provide an in-depth look at key parts of a company's sales management process. Here is a partial list of topics we examine:

  • The hiring process from recruiting to selection and evaluation of candidates to correct turnover and retention issues
  • The onboarding process for new hires to ramp them up faster
  • The development and coaching process executed by first-line managers to increase production results

Upon completion of the audit, a performance baseline can be established and specific recommendations for improving performance can be provided to senior management.

Our Clients Are Saying…

"Our sales staff is the best it has ever been. That can be attributed in part to the sales assessment and our ability to make better hiring decisions."
— Group Vice president and Manager for South Carolina, BB&T

"Not all managers hire well. Assessment testing helps to ensure that we have a level of consistency in our selection process. With assessment testing, recruits are all going through the same filter and process which is good for all managers."
— First VP and Director for Retail Production and Operations. Kinecta Federal Credit Union

"When launching a rookie program, the No. 1 issue is to get the hiring part right. Our managers learned the hard way the value of having a validated pre-hire assessment. When we hired rookies who fell into the "avoid" category, their turnover was twice the rate of those who passed the assessment."
— Executive Vice President, National Sales Manager for Academy Mortgage

"On a day-to-day basis, the assessment definitely helps us make better hiring decisions. It helps us identify the candidates who will excel in our business. Now, it's an accepted hiring procedure."
— Regional Manager, Flagstar