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Mortgage Expert: Pat Casey on Managing Different Generations (27:21)

Mortgage Expert: Mike Jablonski on Managing Veteran Originators (38:51)

Mortgage Experts: Bill Bent and Ben Green on Recruiting (34:51)

Mortgage Expert: Malcolm Hollensteiner on Effective On-Boarding (26:37)

Mortgage Expert: Pat Aritz on Working with Real Estate Agents (34:41)

Mortgage Expert: Tammy Butler on Sales Effectiveness in 2015 (24:59)

Mortgage Expert: Bobby Welch on how to improve hiring (5:49)

Mortgage Expert: Phil Deol on Retaining Top Producers (27:16)

Mortgage Expert: Brian Koss on Improving Producers (33:02)

Mortgage Expert: Jennifer Livingston on Sales and Operations (30:02)

Mortgage Expert: Mike Frotten on how to coach effectively (24:46)

Mortgage Expert: Ellie Fogle on the importance of mission, vision and values (24:12)

Mortgage Expert: Don Henig on how to motivate originators (26:33)