Our training works to improve sales results quickly because it's based on best practices of the top sales performers identified in our proprietary research. Since 1999 when we conducted our first national study on mortgage origination, the research has involved hundreds of top sales producers and managers in the mortgage sector.

Our training blueprint is centered on the latest research in selling techniques, current sales problems and repetition that ensures that the new material is learned and retained. Our highly interactive training guarantees that the new training information is absorbed and applied to improve sales performance. Our programs provide tactical solutions to current selling challenges.

We are specialists in training on prospecting, managing (hiring and coaching) and master classes for top producers and rookie originator programs for all business lines—retail, third party and call centers.

We offer two training methods for companies to choose from:

(1) On-site instructor-led sessions

(2) Web-based solutions

On-Site Training

Instructor-led training generates the best results in improving sales performance because of the live interaction between the student and teacher. This format enables session leaders to adjust content quickly when issues are raised in class due to changing marketplace conditions.

Several factors distinguish our on-site training from other companies:

  • We conduct a pre-needs analysis before the training class begins using our proprietary sales knowledge assessments to identify specific learning needs;
  • We develop a customized curriculum that includes relevant case studies based on participants' level of expertise and proficiency;
  • The training sessions are highly interactive and incorporate exercises designed to rapidly improve student's skill sets; and
  • We provide a web-based role-playing system that enables students to practice new selling behaviors on their own time.

Web-Based Training

Our web-based training is a live webinar format and is appropriate for when there are time and travel issues in sharing information. Our training is designed for high interaction with the students and is supported by web-based video role-playing when appropriate. Our web-based training is "best in class" in the mortgage industry because:

  • We develop a learning program utilizing our proprietary sales knowledge and sales management assessments to determine learning gaps. The program is then designed to address specific issues. This approach eliminates wasting time on topics the students already know and targets the areas students need to improve upon.
  • We reinforce the new learning with a variety of methods including follow-up webinars; hotlines to answer questions; and web-based video role-playing programs.

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