Missing Sales Production Goals?
Not Enough Realtor Referral Sources?
Outdated Sales Skills?

Pat Sherlock's Ramping Up Realtor Referral Sources Sales Training is the Solution

Ramping Up Realtor Referral Sources program upskills LOs
on how to win more referral business – in just 60 days!

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Learn How to Improve LO Sales Productivity

Pat featured as Industry Trailblazer

“For Women’s History Month, we tip our hat to Pat Sherlock. A law graduate when few women were on that path, she also founded her own firm and continues to provide her expertise to other sales professionals in the industry.”
-FutureWave Finance

Outdated Prospecting Skills Sabotaging Your Team’s Sales Performance?

You did everything right. You hired promising sales candidates and poured precious time, energy and knowledge into your team but the truth is: many of your LOs are still not hitting budgeted monthly production goals.

Listen, it’s not your fault. Outdated selling practices are the number one reason originators are not successful in a more difficult origination marketplace.

Today, it’s no longer who LOs know, but who knows them. Becoming top of mind amid a sea of other mortgage sales professionals requires mastering the latest prospecting techniques including social selling.

My Ramping Up Sales Training Program is a game-changing 60-day intensive that:

  • Trains LOs how to attract and partner with referral sources using modern selling techniques.

  • Utilizes a “learning by doing” approach to build confidence and reinforce new prospecting skills.

  • Holds students accountable for applying prospecting skills to increase sales results.

Ramping Up Program Highlights

  • 8-week immersive training; meets three times a week for 120 minutes each session.
  • Live Instructor-led by webcam.
  • 100% focused on modern selling lead generation techniques including social selling channels.
  • Students develop and implement individualized marketing plan.
  • “Learning by doing” training method includes role-playing exercises and students making presentations. Training emphasizes student engagement via discussions and Q&A sessions.
  • Sales Presentations Lab to practice selling interactions.
  • Post-training reinforcement includes access to a private Facebook Sales group for ongoing support.

How Ramping Up Benefits Your Sales Team

Faster Sales Success

Valuable for both newer and experienced originators, the program shows LOs how to get in front of their ideal Realtor prospects online and in-person, set up appointments and conduct impactful sales presentations. Our “learning by doing” approach ensures that the new selling skills “stick.”

Increased Production

LOs learn how to personalize new selling techniques to influence their best prospects and make proven sales strategies their own. A structured sales process keeps students on track to generate more profitable transactions – during class and beyond.

Enhanced Employee Engagement

Because students are active participants in the solution set to achieve more Realtor referral business, LOs are more engaged in the sales process overall and invested in their own success.

Better Employee Retention

The more confident and successful loan officers are, the more likely they will be to stay with their current
lender. Productive LOs mean happier employees.

What Clients Are Saying About the Training

“I’m a new LO and have had several training courses and this one was the best because it was relevant and current. Other training companies make mortgage a math business and don’t focus on prospecting.”

– CB, CMG Home Loans

“I’ve learned more in this
class than I’ve learned
over the past year. I think
it’s been great.”

– JW, Fulton Mortgage Co.

“I’ve had a lot of training
but this course was so much
more impactful because it
gave me the blueprint to
originate referral sources
and borrowers.”

– RW, Guild Mortgage