Empower Your Loan Officers with the Latest Prospecting Skills to Win Referral Business

You've tried everything to boost your team's production – sales rallies, incentives, one-on-ones, even a new CRM system – but nothing seems to move the needle on your sales results.

Listen, if you're tired of watching your sales volume bottom out quarter after quarter, the good news is this: It doesn't have to be that way.

Inside my Ramping Up Realtor Referral Sources (RRS) program – a game-changing 8-week intensive – we:

  • Teach loan originators how to attract, connect and partner with referral sources using the latest prospecting skills such as social selling.
  • Use an active learning approach to reinforce the new skills so they become second nature to students during the sales process.

It’s a winning combination that has worked again and again for students who want to improve their sales production. Simply put:

Better prospecting skills + better student retention = better sales results.

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Learning Pyramid

How Active Learning Leads to Better Sales Results

  • Research shows increased retention rates of new information when "learning by doing"; is part of the training equation. (See the Learning Pyramid at left.)
  • During active learning, students participate in their own sales improvement. They partake in discussions, share selling experiences and create their own solutions to improving their prospecting with guidance by their facilitator.
  • A key component of active learning is practice. Making mistakes while practicing new skills allows loan officers to gain insights and adapt new material to achieve results.
  • Most importantly, active learning increases the likelihood that new information will be retained and utilized because students are engaged in the process.

RRS Program Highlights

  • Dynamic 8-week program 100% focused on the latest prospecting and selling techniques including social selling channels.
  • Instructor-led by mortgage sales expert and author of "Reaching the Top of Your Game: Best Practices of Top Mortgage Originators." Students are called on to discuss topics and share their selling experiences.
  • Homework is assigned and reviewed in class.
  • Classes are less than 10 students to allow for high student interaction.
  • Live instruction by webcam to answer questions and share feedback in real time.
  • Emphasis on using social selling channels, videos and webinars for maximum outreach to borrowers and referral sources; One-to-many marketing strategy.
  • Managers receive feedback on students' performance in class and follow-up checklists regarding homework assignments.

Who Should Attend?

The program is designed for:

  • Experienced originators struggling with inconsistent production.
  • Rookie LOs new to the mortgage industry or who have worked on the operations side of the mortgage business.

What is RRS's Success Rate?

In a recent training class, two-thirds of students generated loans and were in the process of closing loans. All students had meetings with referral sources who they had not done business with before. Our high success rate is tied to holding students accountable for their lead generation.

Why Choose RRS?

  • We're the only LIVE training program based on the latest neuroscience research on selling and social selling practices taught by a leading mortgage sales expert.
  • This tactical program uses active learning methods for better outcomes and holds students accountable for their lead generation.
  • What Students Are Saying About RRS

    "It has been very helpful. I liked the social selling aspects and being able to implement those skills with Realtors, family and friends."
    – MS, Truist

    "I found the hands-on sales training valuable, especially the focus on developing social media skills."
    – AK, Ross Mortgage

    "I'm a new LO and have had several training courses and this one was the best because it was relevant and current. Other training companies make mortgage a math business and don't focus on prospecting."
    – CB, CMG Home Loans

    "I definitely took things away from the class that I will be able to use."
    – KF, AmeriCU

    "I've learned more in this class than I've learned over the past year. I think it's been great."
    – JW, Fulton Mortgage Co.

    "I'm on the right track. I learned a lot from your class. You not only taught me valuable information but also shared lots of extraordinary experiences. You are one of the most influential people in my career."
    – LZ, CMG Home Loans

    "I've had a lot of training but this course was so much more impactful because it gave me the blueprint to originate referral sources and borrowers."
    –RW, Guild Mortgage

    "The course was super-helpful. I've generated appointments with referral sources already."
    – CP, CMG Home Loans

    "This is the best training I've had. Very interactive!"
    – MG, Sandy Spring Bank

    "The course was eye-opening – a game-changer."
    – SG, CMG Home Loans

    "The classes were very thorough and interesting."
    – DM, Ross Mortgage

    "It has definitely opened my eyes to social networking. I know it's an area of opportunity for me."
    – EP, AmeriCU

    "The class has provided the blueprint for [sales success]. It filled in so many blanks for me."
    – BM, Movement Mortgage

    "It helped me get a lot more comfortable having those conversations with Realtors and prospects."
    – DC, Gateway First Bank

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