What Students Are Saying About the Training

“It has been very helpful. I liked the social selling aspects and being able to implement those skills with Realtors, family and friends.”

– MS, Truist

“I found the hands-on sales training valuable, especially the focus on developing social
media skills.”

– AK, Ross Mortgage

“It has definitely opened my eyes to social networking. I know it’s an area of opportunity for me.”

– EP, AmeriCU

“I’m a new LO and have had several training courses and this one was the best because it was relevant and current. Other training companies make mortgage a math business and don’t focus on prospecting.”

– CB, CMG Home Loans

“I’m on the right track. I learned a lot from your class. You not only taught me valuable information but also shared lots of extraordinary experiences. You are one of the most influential people in my career.”

– LZ, CMG Home Loans

“I’ve had a lot of training but this course was so much more impactful because it gave me the blueprint to originate referral sources and borrowers.”

– RW, Guild Mortgage

“I definitely took things away from the class that I will be able to use.”

– KF, AmeriCU

“I’ve learned more in this class than I’ve learned over the past year. I think it’s been great.”

– JW, Fulton Mortgage Co.

“The course was super-helpful. I’ve generated appointments with referral sources already.”

– CP, CMG Home Loans

“This is the best training I’ve had. Very interactive!”

– MG, Sandy Spring Bank

“The course was eye-opening – a game-changer.”

– SG, CMG Home Loans

“The classes were very thorough and interesting.”

– DM, Ross Mortgage

“The class has provided the blueprint for sales success. It filled in so many blanks for me.”

– BM, Movement Mortgage

“It helped me get a lot more comfortable having those conversations with Realtors and prospects.”

– DC, Gateway First Bank

“The classes apply what you learn into real world business situations.”

– DD, Movement Mortgage