What Clients Are Saying About the Training

What doesn’t get a lot of attention is the “how in mortgage origination.” Often, it’s glossed over with general terms and little to no detail. Or the “how” has changed, and
you are unaware of it.

After speaking with Pat Sherlock and debriefing a student that ASMC had in her class, we discussed the mortgage universe.

I described my “how” for making sales calls and overcoming objections. Pat listened to it and then told me what she sees that works now vs. then. My “how” had changed, and some tactics were outdated. That’s on me, and I am grateful for her feedback. I learned
a lot.

Do you know how this can help you? Please contact Pat if you need help getting business in the mortgage world.

Getting loans is the hardest part of the business. It receives the least amount of attention—that I have never understood. The loan officer is the most expensive part of
the cost of originating a loan for a reason.

They get the business, end of story. They should be the most costly part. If you are a LO, figure out how to market yourself more. That is the name of the game.

Do the same, and you will improve as well. Thank you, Pat.

– Jon Overfelt
Director of Sales/Owner
American Security Mortgage Corp.

“It opened my eyes to a lot of things that I had not been exposed to before or didn’t know how to
approach it. It’s been really good.”


“It has helped me focus on outside referral sources. I’ve been more involved in social media. I’ve set up
a seminar and open houses with realtors.”


“It has opened my eyes on how much social media plays a part in this business.”


“I love the training. There’s been a lot to take in and the real impact is for me to implement these


“I really enjoyed the training. You’ve given some really good insight on how to change mindset. It’s
been a wakeup call in a lot of ways.”


“I got a lot of gold nuggets.”

–MR, Jersey Mortgage

“It has been very helpful. I liked the social selling aspects and being able to implement those skills with Realtors, family and friends.”

– MS, Truist

“I found the hands-on sales training valuable, especially the focus on developing social
media skills.”

– AK, Ross Mortgage

“It has definitely opened my eyes to social networking. I know it’s an area of opportunity for me.”

– EP, AmeriCU

“I’m a new LO and have had several training courses and this one was the best because it was relevant and current. Other training companies make mortgage a math business and don’t focus on prospecting.”

– CB, CMG Home Loans

“I’m on the right track. I learned a lot from your class. You not only taught me valuable information but also shared lots of extraordinary experiences. You are one of the most influential people in my career.”

– LZ, CMG Home Loans

“I’ve had a lot of training but this course was so much more impactful because it gave me the blueprint to originate referral sources and borrowers.”

– RW, Guild Mortgage

“I definitely took things away from the class that I will be able to use.”

– KF, AmeriCU

“I’ve learned more in this class than I’ve learned over the past year. I think it’s been great.”

– JW, Fulton Mortgage Co.

“The course was super-helpful. I’ve generated appointments with referral sources already.”

– CP, CMG Home Loans

“This is the best training I’ve had. Very interactive!”

– MG, Sandy Spring Bank

“The course was eye-opening – a game-changer.”

– SG, CMG Home Loans

“The classes were very thorough and interesting.”

– DM, Ross Mortgage

“The class has provided the blueprint for sales success. It filled in so many blanks for me.”

– BM, Movement Mortgage

“It helped me get a lot more comfortable having those conversations with Realtors and prospects.”

– DC, Gateway First Bank

“The classes apply what you learn into real world business situations.”

– DD, Movement Mortgage