Why Our Sales Training Beats the Competition

Our training is a step above the competition because of our methodology, instruction expertise and delivery.

Learning by Doing Leads to

Better Sales Results

According to the latest research, the most impactful sales training programs employ an active learning approach known as “learning by doing.” A foundational component of my Ramping Up training program is having students practice their new sales skills in the program. This method has a number of advantages over traditional passive training programs including:

Increased student retention rates of new material.

Increased student engagement in their own improvement process.

Better proficiency at new skills because students are allowed to practice new sales behaviors and receive feedback on their performance in a safe environment.

My Ramping Up Sales Training Program is a game-changing 60-day intensive:

Loan officers are high-energy individuals who are action-oriented and require the training to match to their abilities. This is why all of my training programs are conducted live and designed for high interaction where students can receive feedback from a knowledgeable sales expert. A dynamic program increases the likelihood of the new selling practices being retained and implemented by a student and generates a positive return on investment for a sales organization.

Why Our Sales Training Beats the Competition

Why Our Sales Training Beats the Competition

  • Dynamic 8-week program 100% focused on the
    latest prospecting and selling techniques including
    social selling channels.
  • Instructor-led by mortgage sales expert, Pat Sherlock
    and author of “Reaching the Top of Your Game: Best
    Practices of Top Mortgage Originators.”
  • Students are called on to discuss topics and share
    their selling experiences. Homework is assigned and
    reviewed in class.
  • Class size is limited to 10 students or less to allow for high student interaction and optimum results.
  • Live instruction by webcam to answer questions and
    share feedback in real time.
  • Emphasis on using social selling channels, videos and
    webinars for maximum outreach to borrowers and
    referral sources; One-to-many marketing strategy.
  • Managers receive feedback on students’
    performance in class and follow-up checklists regarding homework assignments.

Who Should Attend?

  • Experienced originators struggling with inconsistent production.

  • New LOs to the mortgage industry or who have worked on the operations side of the mortgage business.

What is the Program’s Success Rate?

  • In recent training classes, two-thirds of students generated loans and were in the process of closing loans.

  • All students had meetings with referral sources who they had not done business with before.

  • Our high success rate is tied to holding students accountable for their lead generation.

Why Choose Our Program?

  • We’re the only LIVE
    training program based on the latest neuroscience research on selling and social selling practices taught by a leading mortgage sales expert.

  • This tactical program uses active learning methods for better outcomes and holds
    students accountable for their lead generation.

  • 100% lead generation focused on targeting, positioning, planning and conducting realtor and consumer sales interactions. A key part of the training includes students conducting their sales presentations using video calls and webinars/lunch and learns.