Fixing Mortgage Bizarro World!

  Last week I spoke at a conference where the agenda was dominated by technology presentations. This is fairly typical of many industry events. My topic regarding sales personnel and the future sales organization was the next to last session. After my presentation, one attendee lamented, “I don’t know why there is such emphasis on […]

Working Hard is Overhyped!

  While sales results have not been stellar this year, many mortgage banking managers believe that if their originators would just work harder, production would turn around. Unfortunately, working harder won’t make an appreciable difference amid our dramatically changing marketplace. What will? Succeeding in today’s difficult sales environment requires working smarter and adopting new selling […]

The Four Pillars of Mortgage Sales Success

Last week, a National Mortgage News article discussed the results of Fannie Mae’s Q1 2018 Mortgage Lender Sentiment Survey which measures lender’s profit-margin outlook. According to NMN, mortgage lenders had the highest level of pessimism recorded since 2014. This is not surprising given the current challenges our industry faces: the decline of the refinance market, […]

Are Your Customers Savvier than Your Originators?

Today’s customers are smarter than ever regarding the products and services they purchase. The internet has changed everything by providing a vast wealth of information on every topic imaginable including mortgages. Furthermore, customers are rating their experiences from eating at restaurants to buying vitamins to working with mortgage originators. These opinions carry an inordinate amount […]

Are Your LOs Demanding Sales Leads?

Recently, a mortgage executive told me that an originator had asked to use his personal marketing budget to buy leads from third-party vendors. Fortunately, the executive refused the originator’s request. Unfortunately, these requests are becoming more frequent and are indicative of the poor quality of originators at many mortgage lenders today. Before the internet, I […]