The Death of Sacred Cows in Sales

Last week, I wrote about the alarming performance of today’s originators in mortgage banking. The post hit home for many managers who admitted that 2.5 units per month per originator is not enough for their companies to make a profit. In fact, some even lamented that they have originators who are not even producing at this […]

Is Turnover Contagious?

Last week, during an MBA webinar series I conducted on recruiting, I asked attendees about the Number One problem hampering their company’s growth. Across the board, participants said that high turnover and the constant need to replace originators was one of their toughest challenges.  They also said that finding good originators has become harder and […]

What do Realtors want from Loan Officers?

During my recent training class on prospecting, participants discussed, “What do Realtors really want from originators?” An excellent place to find answers to that question is on ActiveRain, an online community of real estate professionals who write blogs, exchange best practices and share information. One post from a Texas Realtor revealed important insights on what […]

Three Causes of Weak Sales Performance

  Right now, sales organizations are heading into the final stretch to make year-end goals. While time is moving fast, it is not too late to look at what might be holding your sales team back from optimum performance. When conducting sales improvement audits, I see three primary reasons why a group is underperforming: Lack of […]

Is Selling an Art or Science?

  I have been asking sales leaders the age-old question: Is selling an art or a science? A decade ago, most managers would’ve answered that it was an art. Today, leaders will admit that selling is more science than art. That doesn’t mean that selling is 100% science, but I think that managers recognize that […]