Are Your LOs Prepared to Sell in the AI Age?

With the recent release of ChatGPT and similar applications, artificial intelligence (AI) has hit the mainstream and there’s no turning back. As more consumers rely on AI to help them navigate the home-buying journey, lenders and LOs would be wise to get familiar with what AI can and can’t do and adjust their selling models […]

3 Sales Training Pitfalls to Avoid

The best mortgage managers recognize that updating their sales team’s selling skills is mandatory if their LOs want to remain top of mind and relevant in the marketplace. However, all sales training is not created equal. If your last training initiative didn’t deliver results, one of these common pitfalls was likely the reason: • One-Off […]

Recruiting Younger LOs: Crossing the Generational Divide

As older, more experienced LOs hit retirement age and exit the business, mortgage bankers are under increasing pressure to hire and train younger sales professionals. To successfully recruit these up-and-coming workers, managers will need to understand the differences between generations so they can bridge the gap and attract new sales talent. Here’s what you need […]

How to Beat Burnout and Boost Production

Burnout isn’t just a buzzword. Recent research by McKinsey & Co. indicates that burnout continues to be a persistent threat to productivity for managers and employees alike. The good news? There are steps you can take to prevent burnout and keep your sales team motivated and primed for profit. Here’s what works: • Take microbreaks […]

Break Out of Your Comfort Zone for Better Sales Results

In the world of sales but especially in mortgage banking, change is inevitable. Success in our industry requires managers and originators to routinely step outside of their comfort zones and adapt their sales strategies and behaviors to better navigate the changing marketplace. Of course, this is easier said than done. Here’s what works: • Self-realization […]

3 Steps to Building a Robust Referral Network

In today’s volatile mortgage environment, loan originators must increase their referral sources if they want to generate enough business to succeed long-term. But, connecting with potential partners and borrowers is easier said than done with so many LOs competing in an already crowded marketplace. Here’s what works: • Embrace social selling – Top originators understand […]

3 Ways to Make Sales Training Stick

It’s a no-brainer: The better trained sales professionals are, the more likely their lenders will be successful. But every day, managers are pouring time, energy and precious training dollars into sales initiatives that don’t work. Here’s what does: • Live sales training – Many programs use previously recorded video content that does not enable students […]