Referral Business Reset: 3 Essential Steps for Success

In a tough marketplace, many LOs are focused on capturing more referral business from Realtors. While this is a smart strategy for mortgage sales professionals across the board, the truth is that real estate agents are inundated with referral requests from LOs.

For best results, originators would be wise to re-evaluate what they bring to the table before reaching out to potential partners. Here are three essential steps to ensure success:

• Update Your Online Presence – First impressions count! Referral sources will likely check out your professional online and social media accounts before agreeing to meet up. When was the last time you updated your cover photo or profile picture? Is your contact information correct?

Keep your accounts current so you’re putting your best foot forward online.

• Differentiate Yourself from Competitors – Why should agents work with you instead of your competitors? What is your unique selling proposition? Be clear on what sets you apart from the rest of the pack.

• Deliver Value – Share insights and industry expertise that will help agents win more business. Understand the sales challenges agents face so you can offer specific solutions.

For additional details, check out my recent blog post, “3 Steps to Building a Robust Referral Network.