Storytelling: The Key to More Powerful Sales Presentations

Storytelling is one of the most powerful tools originators have to engage prospects and referral sources. The best producers incorporate storytelling into their sales presentations to forge stronger relationships and persuade borrowers or referral sources to work with them.

Why it matters:

Stories Have Universal Appeal – We live in a world where consumers no longer buy into a lender’s marketing spiel. No one wants to be sold to anymore, but everybody loves a good story. Storytelling provides LOs with a great way to capture attention and generate interest when meeting with potential customers.

Stories Make a Lasting Impression – Information conveyed using a story has a much higher retention rate – 65% to 70% – compared to 10% or less when a presentation contains straightforward facts and figures, according to a London School of Business study.

 • Stories Help LOs Establish Trust Faster – Stories connect with prospects on an emotional level which enables sales professionals to more quickly and easily develop rapport and trust during the sales process.

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