Refresh Your 2024 Marketing Approach for Better Sales Results

As mortgage marketing tasks become more integrated into CRM systems – think emails, social media posts and text messaging – it’s easy to adopt a “set and forget” mindset. However, top producers understand that putting your prospecting efforts on autopilot is a mistake.

Here’s how to revamp your marketing approach for increased visibility and better results in the year ahead:

Be intentional. The selling landscape is continually changing and what’s relevant and engaging one day may be outdated and obsolete the next. Revisit your marketing strategies on a regular basis so you can pivot and stay in the game.

Conduct a social media audit. Take a look at what social platforms, posts and formats performed the best. What fell flat? Fine-tune your outreach and adjust your messaging accordingly for better engagement.

• Listen to feedback. Surveys, comments, questions and reviews can yield important insights on how borrowers and referral sources perceive you in the local marketplace. Take feedback to heart and make any necessary changes so you can deliver an exceptional customer experience every step of the loan process and beyond.

For additional details, check out my blog post, “Social Selling is Key to Building Your Personal Brand.”