What are your company’s true strengths and weaknesses?

“The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn\’t said.” — Peter Drucker

During my recent travels, I’ve heard plenty of discussion about how an organization’s ability to change is critical for future success. While this is a dialogue that needs to take place, what I don’t hear people talking about is HOW meaningful change will take place.

Real change in an organization can be difficult to achieve due to a number of factors. More often than not, company executives are heavily invested in doing things a certain way — the same way, year after year. Some in management are reluctant to advocate a new direction or strategy for fear of offending higher-ups. These types of deeply entrenched patterns keep a company — and future growth — stagnant.

In these instances, a third-party consulting firm can provide an honest evaluation of what practices are working and which ones aren’t. An outside expert can also outline potential solutions that are not influenced by company politics.

An objective review of a company’s strengths and weaknesses is necessary before real change can be accomplished.