Plan for Success in 2010

\”The first and crucial question in defining business purpose and business mission is ‘Who is the customer?’” — Peter Drucker

It’s hard to believe we’re only 60 days out from 2010 but here we are. If you haven’t done so already, right now is the perfect time to put together a plan to succeed in the year ahead. In my experience, the best in our industry plan for their success. Your client base changes every year and it’s important that your sales activities change accordingly. Who did you target this past year? What prospects brought success? What does your target audience look like for 2010? Do your planned sales activities match up with your future goals?

We all know 2010 is going to be tougher than 2009 but with proper planning, a framework for success can be established. So, re-tool, re-evaluate and go to it!