Growing the Customer’s Business

“Does your organization sacrifice the long-term wealth-producing capacity of the enterprise to produce short-term results?” — Peter Drucker

Recently, I spoke with a top producer who in the last few years has moved from wholesale to reverse mortgages and now is going back to wholesale. Even though she has not done wholesale in two years, she plans to use the same approach that garnered success in the past —focus on growing the customer’s business.

While this is not a radical concept, it’s one that I don’t hear often enough from today’s originators. What I do hear is producers claiming that if only they had better underwriting and pricing, they could do more business. In my view, it is a given that the challenge of any sales person is to create demand and “wow” the customer beyond his or her expectations. High achievers know that long-term success is based on how well they grow the customer’s business.