How to Evaluate Assessment Testing

This week, I wanted to continue our discussion on how companies should evaluate assessment vendors. I have provided a link below that outlines key legal issues and requirements associated with using pre-hire assessment testing. In these litigious times, when potential sales candidates can easily file a lawsuit, proper screening of assessment vendors is mandatory.

Click here to download the PDF “How to Evaluate Assessment Testing,” which lists the questions that a company should ask.

Just as in other industries, there are vendors that are not compliant with the required legal standards. That being said, a good assessment company with legitimate assessments can help companies reduce bias in the hiring process and predict origination success.

Frankly, hiring managers can significantly improve sales performance by using assessments to ensure that qualified candidates move further in the interview process. For firms with producing managers, it is essential that these managers have tools to help them hire better. Companies can\’t assume that producing managers know how to interview and screen correctly. Assessment testing helps producing managers focus on spending their time with candidates who have the right talent to create customer demand.

In an industry that has greater than 50% turnover at many companies, the best approach for helping managers improve sales performance should include assessment testing in the selection process.