Why Recruiting Fresh Talent is Critical

I was recently quoted in an article that appeared on The Wall Street Journal Digital Network’s www.fins.com. The article, “Mortgage Hiring a Bright Spot in Finance” made some interesting points about our industry:

&#8226 Hiring in the financial sector has slowed with the exception of the mortgage industry.
&#8226 The uptick in hiring has been fueled by low interest rates, HARP refinances and an increase in “red tape” generated by the 2008 mortgage crisis. Appraisals, credit checks and supplementary paperwork have created a demand for additional manpower.
&#8226 The trend’s downside: The increased workload has made sales professionals more susceptible to burn out, creating an environment for higher turnover.

In my opinion, the solution lies in a company’s ability to recruit fresh talent. Inevitably, interest rates will rise and the refinance market will slow. When that happens, lenders will need top quality sales professionals to succeed in a tougher marketplace. For companies who are having difficulty attracting superior sales talent, a customized rookie program can help create a solid foundation for future growth.

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