Why Originators Need to Elevate Referral Source Conversations


In my sales training sessions with originators, it seems many producers are stuck in a specific role such as selling price or the best service. The problem is there are literally thousands of originators in the marketplace with the same sales strategy. Top producers, however, present themselves differently to new referral sources. They move their conversations with referral sources to a higher level that separates them from the competition.

Instead of trying to manipulate a new referral source into doing business with them, top producers have conversations that establish that they want a collaborative relationship that creates value for both parties. Top producers follow a simple formula. They do their homework on the referral source or prospect (via LinkedIn, Facebook etc.); explore growth possibilities in their mutual marketplace; and create a vision of success for both parties.

Average originators say “why do all of the work involved with having a more meaningful conversation when it is all about price anyway?” Top producers know that elevated conversations help them align with referral sources to generate future success for both parties.

Whether real estate agents, financial planners or real estate brokers, referral sources are faced with the challenge of how to sustain their business over time. Quick success is not what they are looking for. Smart business owners know that longevity takes surrounding themselves with the best resources who can give insight and advice. While every originator has the opportunity to have an elevated conversation, the best originators actually do it by helping address their customers’ needs first. So what types of value can an originator provide to the new referral source? For each originator the answer is different but top producers emphasize the following sentiments:

• “I’ll make it easier for you to do business”

• “When problems occur, I will handle them quickly”

• “I’ll consult with you and help you solve your business problems”

• “I’ll engage in activities that will help you become more successful and get more customers”