The Secret to Sales Success in Mortgage Banking

Selling success requires a commitment from LOs to “get better every day” by learning something new and practicing the habits that separate top originators from average or sub-par producers.

It is easy for LOs to say I will do it tomorrow or when things slow down or when I have more money to invest in training. You know the drill. But here’s the reality: improving your sales team’s selling skills doesn’t happen by chance. It doesn’t happen after attending a sales rally or listening to a motivational speaker. It takes a personal commitment from LOs to move the needle on their sales skills and improve on a daily basis.

As a trainer, I often see managers and students looking for a quick fix for performance issues. Spoiler alert: There isn’t one. The truth is selling is hard. It’s a business that’s always changing and requires professionals to stay up to date and practice new skills. Learning new techniques, keeping pace with the science of selling and understanding the buyer’s journey requires a lifetime of knowledge and establishing and practicing good habits. There is no other way around it. Relying on what worked yesterday is a direct path to becoming irrelevant.

Don’t let your sales organization get left behind. The time to act on this is now.