How to Solve the Toughest Sales Management Issue


Employee underperformance is by far one of the hardest issues for mortgage managers to contend with. Managers who hire a poor sales performer are faced with the reality that they did not properly evaluate a sales candidate during the interview process and made a bad hiring decision.

Hiring mistakes often occur when managers rush the interview process, are desperate or did not objectively listen to what the candidate really said in the interview.

A lack of ability for what is required in a sales position cannot be corrected by any training program. Providing employees who are not matched for origination with training has a weak chance of improving poor performance. However, if the manager intends to let the employee go, training does provide proof that the lender tried to help the employee turn around results.

A better course of action is to train managers so they can improve their interviewing techniques and avoid making hiring mistakes in the future.

While no training program can eradicate employee underperformance, skill training is appropriate for producers who possess sales talent and are coachable. Coachability is a critical factor in determining whether managers should invest in training for their underperformers.