What it Takes to Convince Borrowers to Buy


Many managers believe that improving originators’ product knowledge is one of the most important investments they can make. Granted, qualifying borrowers and slotting them into the appropriate loan is key to an originator’s success.

But, managers tend to overlook another critical element that is mandatory for origination: excellent communication skills. In general, managers fail to invest in improving originators’ communication skills because they assume that sales professionals are already experts in this arena.

The truth is, no matter how knowledgeable originators are about mortgage lending guidelines, if they don’t have the skills to move a borrower to a decision, all that product information is for naught.

What separates top producers from the rest of the pack is that they adjust their selling style to align with the buyer of their services. The best in our business are masters at listening to prospects and asking in-depth questions that tap into what the buyer values.

So, how well are your LOs communicating with borrowers? Do your originators have the ability to hone in on what matters most to prospects? If you’ve never addressed this issue, now is the time to level up your sales team’s communication skills and transform your sales results!