Can You Afford the Cost of Average Sales Results?

What percentage of your LOs are consistently hitting – or exceeding – their sales goals? If you’ve settled for the status quo, it may cost your lender long-term stability and success.

Why it matters:

• Lackluster sales results are a clear indication that your sales team’s selling skills are at or below average. The problem? Average sales skills translate into an average customer experience which is not enough to earn repeat or referral business.

• The home loan prospect’s buying journey is continually evolving and LOs must continually update their selling skills to stay ahead of the curve. Stagnant selling skills are not enough to distinguish your lender in an already crowded marketplace. LOs with excellent selling skills will win customers and referral sources, leaving the competition in the dust.

• When analyzing sales results, lenders must calculate the cost of lost opportunities and future business to accurately evaluate whether settling for “good enough” is worth it.

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