Can Home Equity Lending Products Ease Market Gridlock?

Rising interest rates, limited inventory and the housing affordability crunch have made origination tougher in 2023. But, some lenders and LOs are finding relief from marketplace gridlock by offering home equity lending products – a customer-centric move that can pay off in the long run.

Why it Matters

• Black Knight Inc. reported that 80% of outstanding mortgages have an interest rate of 4.5 or less, leaving many borrowers “frozen in place” and reluctant to seek out new homes with higher interest rates.

Tappable home equity has increased by a whopping $3.4 trillion in the last 3 years, according to Black Knight.

• Home equity products offer lenders and LOs a way to serve these customers while adding value to the borrower relationship.

• In his recent Current Insights article, Stratmor Group principal Tom Finnegan observed: “Lenders should consider the strategic value of offering home equity lending products. The ability to say ‘yes’ offers an opportunity to make the borrower happy and increase the company’s market share and profitability over time.”

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