3 Keys to Better LO Retention and Satisfaction

More mortgage industry professionals are living paycheck to paycheck according to a May 2023 study conducted by Everee, a payroll technology firm. The 2023 Mortgage Industry Commission & Retention Report identified key insights about managers, LOs, processors, underwriters and other commission-based mortgage banking employees.

Here’s a closer look:

• 6 in 10 mortgage professionals are struggling financially due to rising inflation, higher interest rates, job uncertainties and fewer deals, the report noted. A little more than half of survey respondents – 52% – have worked in the industry 5+ years.

• Survey respondents said competitive pay, faster commission payments and flexible working options are important factors in their decision to stay with a lender.

• More than 60% of mortgage professionals wait at least two weeks to get paid (22.3% wait a month and 11.5% wait even longer). All else being equal between lenders, 73% of mortgage professionals would choose to work for one company over another simply because they paid commissions faster. 

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