LOs: Level Up Your Personal Brand for Prospecting Success

Developing a strong personal brand is essential if LOs want to capture the attention of potential borrowers and referral sources. The best originators in the biz are masters at cultivating a powerful online presence that enables them to stay top of mind among their ideal audience.

Here’s how your sales team can do the same:

Update Your Online Presence – Review your professional online and social media accounts on a regular basis. Is your contact information correct? When was the last time you updated your cover photo or profile picture?

Differentiate Yourself from Competitors – Make sure your unique selling proposition comes through loud and clear across different marketing channels including social media platforms. What distinguishes you from the countless other loan officers vying for the same business?

Deliver Value – One of the fastest ways to build relationships with prospects and referral sources is to share your expertise online and in person. What types of issues are your prospects having and how are you specifically qualified to solve them?

For more suggestions on how to connect with prospects, check out National Mortgage Professional’s recent article, “Pack Your Patience and Focus on Referrals.