The Sure-Fire Strategy to Generate More Loan Volume

Limited housing inventory, affordability concerns and fallout from inflation continue to complicate the mortgage banking landscape. For lenders struggling to fill their pipelines with new loan apps, the answer may lie in expanding their product lines, according to Joe Camerieri, EVP of sales and strategy at Mortgage Cadence. Why it matters: • “If lenders can’t […]

Early Signs of Recovery in the Housing Market?

Not unlike winter-weary gardeners eager for signs of spring, mortgage managers and LOs are keeping watch for better days in the housing marketplace. According to recent research from Redfin, housing recovery may be in the air. Let’s take a closer look: • Taylor Marr, Redfin chief deputy economist, noted that the company’s Homebuyer Demand Index, […]

Are Your Originators Just Following the Herd?

In mortgage banking, it is commonplace for originators to adopt the practices of successful producers. If one salesperson rises at 4:00 a.m., everyone else feels they must follow suit. If a top producer is active on LinkedIn, other originators will incorporate the platform into their own marketing strategies. Likewise, lenders are copycats too.  If a […]

How to Thrive in a Customer-Centric Economy

  Who owns the customer? This question might sound simple but the answer is really the crux of winning in the information age. Of course, sales will say originators own the customers because they are the front-line interface with consumers and referral sources and deliver the quality of the customer’s experience. On the other hand, […]