What Defines Good Sales Training?

Fact: Every day, senior managers must contend with mortgage originators who are not generating enough volume. In many cases, sales training can improve performance and move the needle on sales results – IF the training has the right components.

In the past two decades, I’ve successfully trained countless originators and in my opinion, these are the required elements for a high-quality training program that delivers results:

• Training should be conducted live – either via webcam or on-site. Many programs use previously recorded video content that does not enable students to ask questions – a fatal flaw. Students need to be able to get answers to their questions in real time.

• Content should be personalized and relevant to the group’s overall level of expertise for optimum learning. Originators should be asked to present or show that they have absorbed the new material.

• Students should receive feedback on their performance as well as post-training follow-up to reinforce key learning points once students have had a chance to implement the training material out in the real world.

Good sales training can be hard to find but is often well worth the time and effort, paying for itself many times over. The better trained sales professionals are, the more likely their lenders will be successful.