The Number 1 Strategy LOs Can Use to Win Repeat Customers

In our current market environment, I am often asked what strategies and tips LOs need to know to hit volume goals in 2022. In my opinion, originators who want to achieve long-term success should strive to serve their customers as professional financial advisors.

Top producers often use this strategy to earn repeat business but be forewarned: To step into the role of trusted advisor for clients, LOs must be willing to put in the work. Here are some of the key competencies originators must possess if they don’t want to be viewed as just another salesperson selling the lowest interest rates:

In-Depth Financial Knowledge. Top LOs set aside significant time to keep current on everything happening in the finance world – not just mortgage banking. Having a deep analytical understanding of financial issues and trends is what makes these producers’ advice qualitatively different from guidance their competitors are providing.

Excellent Communication Skills. Producers in an advisory role are masters at communicating a client’s different options, addressing the pros and cons of each option and then making a recommendation.

Putting the Client’s Best Interests First. One of the hallmarks of a professional advisor is putting the client’s best interests above all else – not an easy task in a position that is 100% commission. However, this is precisely what enables top LOs to forge lasting customer relationships – and capture repeat business for life.