The Number One Sales Strategy for Thriving During an Economic Crisis

In an economic climate dominated by fear and uncertainty, here’s the Number One sales strategy originators need to know to stay in the game: Don’t stop prospecting!

Why it matters:

  • It’s a proactive approach vs. a reactive approach. Originators may not be able to control interest rates, housing inventory and other external factors that can slow sales but they can control their prospecting efforts.
  • It positions LOs to win in the marketplace. Consistently reaching out to prospects and referral sources enables originators to stay top of mind so that when target audience members ARE ready to connect, the choice of who to call for home loan financing will be obvious.
  • It provides LOs with an opportunity to add value to their relationships. By regularly sharing relevant content on social media and via other marketing channels, LOs can build trust and credibility with their target audience so prospects and referral sources will be more likely to partner with them in the future.

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