Elevate Your Sales Team’s Success with this Simple Strategy

I’ve long held that success in mortgage origination requires implementing the right sales tactics on a daily basis. This sentiment is echoed by Dustin Owen, Vice President, East Division Sales at Waterstone Mortgage Corp. and the host of “The Loan Officer Podcast,” who recently discussed his winning sales strategy, “Dominate the Ones,” in a HousingWire article.

Here’s a closer look:

• Owen’s premise is that sales success doesn’t need to be complicated, and can be accomplished by taking simple, measurable, daily sales actions.

• Owen’s strategy, called “Dominate the Ones,” involves completing three tasks every day: Schedule one meeting with a prospective client or referral source.  Attend one meeting with a prospective client or referral source. Finally, speak with one person who needs your product or service.

• He suggests two additional tasks for “bonus points:” Send one handwritten thank you note. Call one past client to check-in.

For more information, read the HousingWire article, “Mortgage pros, quit overcomplicating the task at hand.”