4 Tips for Better Communication with Your Sales Team

There are many requirements for great mortgage banking leaders but one of the most important is exceptional communication skills. In his recent Harvard Business Review article, author Carmine Gallo recommends four strategies to level up your communications with your sales team.

Here’s a closer look:

Simplify your language when discussing or writing about complicated issues. Gallo notes, “You’ll win more supporters if you replace long words and sentences with shorter, more straightforward ones.”

Use metaphors to help your team more easily grasp key concepts. By comparing or equating your concept or idea to something your team is already familiar with, they’ll understand what you’re trying to convey faster.

Humanize your data. Statistics and charts can be helpful but without perspective, your message can get lost in the mix. Gallo advises, “Any time you introduce numbers, take the extra step to make them engaging, memorable, and, ultimately, persuasive.”

Highlight your mission. Make sure your company’s purpose shines through across various communication channels including meetings, memos, emails, presentations, social media and marketing material. Consistently reinforcing your mission is a great way to align your teams.

For additional information, read the Harvard Business Review article, How Great Leaders Communicate.