Why It’s Prime Time to Market to Millennials

Millennials’ dream of homeownership is alive and well, according to a recent Lending Tree analysis of mortgage offers on its platform. If your LOs aren’t actively courting these potential borrowers, your sales team could be missing out on bigger, better sales results.

Why it matters:

• Millennials – those born between 1981 and 1996, or ages 26 to 41 in 2022 – made up the majority of buyers in 37 of the nation’s 50 largest metropolitan areas. Nationwide, an average of 52.88% of mortgage offers went to millennials. (Lending Tree)

• While members of this generation may not be as financially set as their Gen X or Baby Boomer counterparts, many are considering purchasing a home because they are starting families or earning more in their careers.

• With less financial resources and homebuying experience than older generations, millennial prospects are primed to benefit from your LOs’ guidance and expertise. Mobilize your sales team to help millennials realize their homeownership dreams.

For additional details, check out Demetria Lester’s article in the mreport.com: “Millennials Make Up the Largest Share of Homebuyers Nationwide