How to Forge Stronger Referral Relationships

Top producers understand that their existing customer base is a gold mine for referrals and future revenue. The best in the business are masters at connecting with previous clients in meaningful ways that ultimately position them as valued financial advisors.

Here’s a closer look at proven tactics LOs use to leverage their sphere of influence:

Reach out daily. Great sales professionals consistently contact past clients in some form or fashion to stay top of mind in their marketplace. Set daily tasks to incorporate this practice into your sales cycle.

Use a variety of channels. From hand-written notes and check-in calls to emails and social media posts, there are endless ways to stay in touch with previous customers. Most producers get optimum results by using a combination of channels. While calls, texts and emails are the most common, don’t discount the power of a short video to make an impact.

Always add value. No matter how you choose to communicate, always keep your client’s bigger goals in view. Sharing information that will improve your target audience’s financial literacy and help them achieve their dreams is a win-win. Conduct an annual review or a rent vs. own analysis for prospects to forge a stronger relationship.

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