Unlock Long-Term Success with this Unbeatable Strategy

Originators who want to achieve long-term success should take a page from top producers’ playbooks and strive to serve their customers as professional financial advisors.

Why it matters:

 • Earn multiple income streams. Top producers view borrowers as an opportunity for multiple income streams, not as a single transaction. For them, closing on a loan is just the beginning of a customer relationship that can yield repeat business and referrals in the future.

Differentiate from rate-based LOs. Positioning themselves as financial advisors gives sales professionals a great way to distinguish their services from that of other LOs who are competing based solely on lower interest rates.

Develop deeper relationships. By providing an effective financial strategy that encompasses ALL of their client’s goals, not just mortgage loan objectives, LOs can develop deeper, more enduring customer relationships that are built to last.

For details on what it takes to become a great financial advisor, read my blog post, “Are Your LOs Adding Value to their Customer Relationships?