How to Motivate LOs in a Tough Market

In mortgage banking, it seems to be a perpetual question: “How do I motivate LOs in a tough market?” The short answer is you can’t. Motivation is an inside job. But, good managers CAN  create a positive environment that supports their team’s efforts to hit their sales goals.

Here are the details:

Hire right. Individuals matched for the originator position motivate themselves. That’s why it’s key for managers to evaluate a sales candidate’s motivation during the interview process. No amount of training will correct a salesperson’s lack of motivation after they’re hired.

Provide individual training and coaching. Top producers are life-long learners. Encourage a culture of learning to help originators update their selling techniques for optimum results. Reinforcing the latest sales tactics will ensure that new behaviors stick.

Check in often and make adjustments. Just as a corporation’s goals can change over time, an originator’s motivation can change at different stages of their career. Understanding each salesperson’s current motivations is essential in helping LOs succeed in the long run.

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