Break Out of Your Comfort Zone for Better Sales Results

In the world of sales but especially in mortgage banking, change is inevitable. Success in our industry requires managers and originators to routinely step outside of their comfort zones and adapt their sales strategies and behaviors to better navigate the changing marketplace. Of course, this is easier said than done.

Here’s what works:

Self-realization is key. Managers and originators alike must be aware that they’re repeating the same behaviors and expecting different results. Only then, can real change take place.

Cultivate a growth mindset. Top originators consider themselves life-long learners and are always open to learning how to improve their sales strategies. The more willing you are to learn new techniques, the easier it will be to change up your selling tactics when you need to.

Seek out an accountability partner. Coaching, training or education that reinforces new skills can make a big difference in your results. “While it’s up to the individual to take the first step, sales leaders can have a profound effect on someone’s self-realization [and future success],” said Andrew Clarkson, CMB, VP National Mortgage Production at UnitedFedCU.

For additional details, listen to my Mortgage Manager Playbook podcast episode, “Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone,” featuring Andrew Clarkson.