Homebuyer Education: The Perfect Opportunity for LOs to Build Trust with Prospects

A new study by Lombardo Homes gives Americans a failing grade on basic concepts associated with home-buying, renovating and building. The survey uncovered significant knowledge gaps and misconceptions about everything from how much it costs to buy a home in 2023, and what it costs to build a home from scratch to home maintenance essentials.

Why it matters:

• Mortgage sales professionals are perfectly positioned to provide potential borrowers with the information they need to achieve their dreams of homeownership.

• By educating prospects about home-buying concepts and current trends, originators can showcase their expertise, gain visibility in the marketplace and enhance their credibility as a trusted source for valuable information.

Homebuyer education efforts such as webinars, lunch & learns and podcasts also provide sales professionals with a valuable way to partner with Realtor referral sources that’s a win-win for everyone involved.

For additional details, read theMReport’s article, “Survey Reveals Buyers’ Lack of Basic Homeownership Concepts.”